Dear Born Again Brother/Sister

Dear Friend,

How are you ? Like are you?I have so many questions to ask you but i feel more comfortable starting with this one. How has it been serving The Lord? hmmm,pause before you answer that.

I am sorry I am just writing you but I felt led to tell you about times and seasons and to have you know that YOU will pull through. What is bothering you? What have you been asking God for? What are you tired of asking God for? Why aren’t you married? Happy? Have your children? A decent Job? Money? etcetera. Is that too much to ask? Why is my own different?

I see you,getting tired and afraid or too weak,too feeble. I just wanted to remind you. Please hear me out,don’t stop reading just yet. I know you know all dem scriptures..some back to back sef. Here are some lessons I want to you learn

  1. God is enough….I know what you want but God is enough. I pray for you that your spirit takes hold of this. With Him you have everything. Do not get carried away. In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth..Genesis 1.1. The beginning isn’t just a time period. The beginning is HIM,He is the source,the origin, everything else flows from HIM. When you have him You have everything and ….You have him.
  2. God is good. This is not one of those one-liner praise and worship songs. God is Good. I pray your spirit takes hold of this. He is good and he is your Father. Your father. The one who doesn’t sleep (Psalm 121.4) just so that you can

The one who gives only good things (James 1.17) and does things so beautifully because of you (Psalms 72.18)

3. You will overcome. Whatever the fight is (there is always a fight) recognize it. Don’t rationalize it, don’t get tired, or comfortable. Fight. You know how to. You are not alone. I am there in the midst of the tears showing you where to go. Lift up your head. Don’t look at the problem, look at me. Talk to me. Learn from me. Lean on me..yes that right. Put all of your life’s weight on me. War with the word, War with me, I am mighty in battle and I have already won all of yours. After you have done that..stand..wait on me.. I never change and if I say you are victorious wait with my word until you see it happen.

4. You have joy. Do not let the devil steal it. It is there, in your heart where I am. I am the joy of the whole world. I am your joy. I see your pain but I am your joy. I know how you feel, how bitter it may taste but your joy is there,fight for it. Laugh in the spirit, laugh at the devil. Smile, make another smile too. Your pat shall drip with fatness.